4 Interview Questions Employers Ask to Trip You Up

Interview Questions

Question that gonna be asked by the interviewer are mostly harmless: they’re meant to evaluate whether you’re perfect for the job or not , All they want just to confuse you, But some of the questions you’re asked, experts tell us, they are meant to confuse you, catching you in a fib, or showing you’re unprepared.  But you don’t have to be tripped up by these tricky questions. Here are some Four you should look out for during your next interview, and the best ways to answer them, according to experts. 

1. What is your dream job?

This question may seem innocent, but it’s “asked by many hiring managers to deliberately trip up a candidate.” So it’s best to have a defined answer that is relevant to the role you’ve applied for at that company is “having a dream job that has nothing to do with the available position suggests to the interviewer that you might not stick around very long and that you will just treat this role as a pit stop.”

2. Tell me about a time you succeeded at work—and a time you failed. 

Yes, the interviewer is genuinely interested in your stories of success and your ability to be honest about any failures. But he or she also wants to find out if you came prepared, Explain what you learned from it. Explain how you addressed the issue. And then flip to your positive success story.” 

4. Why are you looking for a new job?

You can almost guarantee you’ll be asked this question at any job interview. “Whether you’ve already left your last position or are just putting the feelers out for a new job, this question has been a staple in interviews for years, ”you should say ‘there’s no real room for progression,’ or ‘I’m looking for something more challenging or in line with my career path,’ but steer away from the name bashing and personal problems. This means you can answer the interviewer’s question without airing your dirty laundry.”

4.  Do you have any questions?

“This is a question that, in my experience, 65 percent of people get Confused on.” “They think the interviewer is asking if you have any questions,” “but they are not. They are asking you if you have anything else to add.” If you come prepared, this question doesn’t have to trip you up instead, it can be a chance to shine. “Its an opportunity to add something they didn’t cover. I like to hear a well refined answer as to why I as a hiring manager—should know that you as the interviewee are the right fit for the position.”

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