How to generate more money from LinkedIn 2020

With almost 610 million members and growing, LinkedIn is the world’s most extensive business-oriented search engine. But most of the people see Linkedin as a job-seeking platform. But, LinkedIn is much more than that, It gives you more than you expected, People are not using Linkedin for their business purpose they just see LinkedIn as a place to post their online resume or Job or posting and useless content, But in this blog, I’ll tell you how to use LinkedIn for b2b and B2C business.

Some people think it is a one-time activity, but it is more than that. According to Linkedin, only 35 per cent of users log in more than once a month. The other 65 per cent, presumably, hope that others will find their company or service and contact them and boom they got the client, but unfortunately, it is not that easy. But the truth is you have to do each and every possible thing to get the potential lead.

First of all, let me clear this to you that this is a continuous process to get the potential prospects. To get the value on the platform, you need to give value to it in exchange. For example, you need to optimize your profile, increase connections, build a relationship with your contacts help them and solve their problem, Joined relevant groups, publishing Linkedin Pulse Article etc. These are remarkable things you can do to boost your visibility and generate more money from linkedIn.

Optimize LinkedIn Profile

The word optimize means you have to optimize your Linkedin profile picture your cover image, Make sure you use a high-quality, well-lit headshot that’s at least 200 x 200 pixels. , skills, endorsement, experience, heading, summary each and everything that relates to you or your business.

Linkedin groups and Pulse Article

Linkedin groups play an important role in generating a lead from LinkedIn, To get the value from LinkedIn you need to join relevant LinkedIn groups that match with your business verticle. If you are continuously posting your blogs or article on your website that is perfectly fine but you need to publish some article on Linkedin Pulse. LinkedIn is an extremely trafficked website. It’s just one point bashful of being in the top 10 most trafficked sites on the Internet, According to Alexa. That means Google is more prone to index this content than the content you put on your blog, and more likely to embrace your Pulse posts in Google search results.

Personalize message template

Most of the Linkedin members can’t figure out what to send or how to send a personalized connection invitation or message to their target audience. Most people carry a fixed template which states that “we have some few connections” or Just like that but trust me this is not going to work because nobody is interested in your business or your services you need to stop this and before sending a connection invitation or message you need to go through his profile what he does, where is active, what’s his recent post and all.

Write content on the platform and Include hashtags in posts

Share unique content on your LinkedIn platform whether it is in your post or in Pulse article, share the viral video to gain more views and always include hashtags in your all post and share your LinkedIn company page link. For example, If you are saying the same and boring answer to interviewer than he will not hire you because every hiring manager is looking for out of the box kind of person, so always focus on unique content on LinkedIn before posting.

Tools and extensions

Last but not the least one you want to target your ideal customers you need to purchase some tools and extension to generate leads in a concise period

-Sales navigator (It gives you to filter your target audience)
-Dux-Soup (Visit your target audience approximately 500 profile daily)
-Lead411 (Provide Email and LinkedIn profile of your target audience)
-SignalHire (Provide detail information of your targeted prospect)

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