Top 7 Interview Questions and “How To Answer Them” 2019

I wanna give you a quick and easiest way to answer all the below questions for your job interview in a corporate world, and of course, that begins with learning how to answer the most common job interview questions for 2019!

Here are some interview questions that we are going to cover for you with the answer:

  1. Describe Yourself or Tell me something about you?
  2. Why Should We Hire You?
  3. What Is Your Greatest Strength?
  4. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?
  5. Why Do You Want To Work For Us?
  6. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
  7. Do You Have Any Questions For Me (the interviewer)?

1. “Tell Me About Yourself”

I’m gonna give you a short and best answer of this question, If someone asked this question to you, Just tell them “I’m an easy-going person who works well with everyone, I enjoy being around different types of people. I’m that kind of person who likes being balanced and when I’m in work I work hard and outside of work I like to engage in my personal activities E.g. playing online game, reading books, etc”


  • You can add your academics detail and family background to elaborate.


  • Don’t dive into your life story.
  • Don’t go on about the experience you may have that isn’t related to the job you’re interviewing for.

Sanjay’s Tip

At the end of your answer try to move into an insightful question for the interviewer that shows you understand exactly.

2. “Why Should We Hire You?”

This is another incredibly common question asked by the many interviewers and it gives you a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and really show the Interviewer how you can help the company.

The key thing to remember here is: be specific. You can say that “There are two reasons that I should be hired First, My qualifications match your need perfectly Second, I’m efficient, smart, friendly, I’m good at solving problems and love challenges and most importantly I’m excited and passionate about your company and will always give my 100%.”


  • Show the interviewer that you are the candidate that solves their problems.
  • Show you know some significant details about the company.


  • Don’t be “wishy-washy” or too general with your answer.
  • Don’t answer with “why” you want the job. Answer with “why you are the perfect fit” for the job.

3. “What Is Your Greatest Strength?”

This is a straight forward question to handle. Talk about a “strength” that you know the company puts a lot of value in.

Just say “I believe my strongest trait is my attention to detail. this trait has helped me tremendously in the field of work and i have always been a great team player, I’m good at keeping a team together and producing quality work in a team environment”


  • This your chance to relate your most impressive success story, so take advantage!
  • Highlight a strength that is crucial to the position.


  • Don’t make claims that you can’t illustrate with a brief example or fact.
  • Don’t be overly unassuming but don’t claim to be Superman or Superwoman either.
  • Don’t name a strength that is irrelevant to the job at hand.

4. “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”

This classic question freaks people out but it shouldn’t. As long as you pick a weakness that isn’t a key competency for the job and you show that you have taken steps to “work on it”, you will be fine. 

I focus too much on the details

In the past, I have been uncomfortable with ambiguity

I have a hard time letting go of a project

I have trouble saying “no.”

I get impatient when projects run beyond the deadline

I sometimes lack confidence

I have trouble asking for help

For a more thorough look at them, what is your greatest weakness question click here?


  • Show that you are aware of your weakness and what you have done to overcome it.


  • Don’t avoid this question.
  • Don’t you DARE answer with the cliche “I’m a perfectionist”

5. “Why Do You Want To Work For Us?”

The Interviewer is trying to get at your underlying motivations for wanting this job. Are you here just for money or do you see yourself becoming an integral part of the company and growing along with it? You need to show them that you want to become “part of the family”.

For a more thorough look at this question, why do you want to work for us


  • Be admiring. Most people enjoy being flattered.
  • Show how your strengths perfectly align with the job position
  • Talk about specific things you like about the company.


  • Don’t say “because I need the money.”

6. “Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?”

The right way to answer “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now” question is that you have to convince your interviewer, that you are loyal and wanna be a part of the company in the longer-term. You can simply say that “In five years I wanna see myself as a manager or in a higher position handling companies important projects. I will consider myself responsible for leading the team which can provide desired outcomes to this reputed organization. It is not as easy as it seems. I hope my decisions are rewarding in the end.”


  • Always show that you are long term man with planning
  • Stress your interest in a long-term career at the company


  • Don’t say you want to be CEO of the company in 5 years.
  • Don’t say “Actually I want to be in YOUR seat within the next 5 years.” to the hiring manager. that the dumbest answer.

7. “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

Around 75 percent of job seekers will say “Nope, I think that’s everything” to this question.

Always ask the interviewer about company policies and culture because this question gives you a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show your knowledge and passion for the company or organization you are interviewing for.


  • Focus your questions on the company and what you can do for them.


  • Don’t ask questions that you could easily find the answer to.
  • Never say “No, I think I’m good.” Always have questions ready!

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