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Özlem Yazıcıoğlu

Head of Legal, Turkish Airlines Technology


With the improvement of the technologies and the digitalization trends, the efficiency of legal work increases accordingly. As an in-house legal, I strongly believe that, the relevant new technological innovations and digital tools have high importance while identifing and analysing the law and the regulations. But legal counsels working in sectors where information technologies are used and which have these in their infrastructure, especially accessing personal data in some way, have to pay attention to some details in their legal studies.

New generation work areas such as cloud, artificial intelligence and personal data, which we encounter with the use of new technology, also found their place in law. For this reason, we have opportunities to make legal assessments and evaluations with accurate and up-to-date information with new technologies in our legal works related with this areas.

Being legally compliant in such areas and taking security measures are now of critical importance for the shareholders, subsidiaries or suppliers of the companies.

Personally as an in-house legal, we should be aware of the new technologies, keep our knowledge up- to- date and follow current practices and development. We should be able to take the initiative to implement technological developments and requirements on behalf of the company while working or presenting.

In addition to this, we see that the technology is redefining the legal field . Therefore technology in law is accepted as the new norm. For instance, with online research databases instead of written articles or books, legal counsels can solve many issues easier and reach much more achievements.

The second point of my view is why new tech products are vital to legal affairs.

  • Using software and apps helps us to manage optimized workflow. With software and hardwares, legal matters could be resolved in a systematic and innovative way. This helps us to build step-by-step processes, create easy-to-use checklists for routine tasks and reminders of deadlines. It provides efficiency in reaching a solution through the records by searching for similar issues. All are useful in terms of process control and assignment of works. In this way, we can detect and correct mistakes easily.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency. I perform my routine legal works and tasks more quick and easily by using new tech products. For example, while managing the contracts, we complete our legal works more effectively and faster by using templates when editing and revising the documents. The negotiation and communication process on contracts is also carried out faster and more efficient for all parties, therefore digital contracts have replaced hard copies.

  • Simple process and easy and quick access. In our legal and contract management department, some solutions allow us to send and share a completed document, paper or a draft at the click of a button. This affects the quaility of a legal work directly.

Taking into consideration of all these points and benefits of new tech equipment and products make the costs worth it. In an innovative and global perspective, legal affairs surrounded with new technologies ensures sustainable succeed. The more equipped the infrastructures of the companies are, the better and smoother the work will be. IT departments of the companies produce operational solutions and support the legal departments and work in coordination.

Third point of my view is that in the era with the pandemic long-term, accompanying consequences for industries worldwide, it’s now more crucial than ever to stay up-to-date with legal technology trends. As in many areas, in the legal sector, remote meetings have entered into our lives instead of face- fo- face. I believe that it is much faster and more efficient therefore it has become indispensable in the business. For this reason, I usually prefer to hold my meetings online and save my time as well.

We use cloud-based systems with softphones, sophisticated features and direct integration into our management systems.

On the other hand, managing the department with appopriate programs and storing files digitally by ensuring security conditions is one of our new generation approaches.

The most important tech trend for lawyers and legal professions to follow will be cybersecurity. As more of our legal work to a virtual format, in-house legals have to take crucial role in the security of the company’s confidential information. Cybersecurity technology and best practices protect critical systems and sensitive information have great importance. As known, information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against network systems, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization. Cybersecurity measures include firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, encryption, and login passwords. These are the necessities of the prevention the harms of the new tech.

In this context, it is important to take the advantages of the new technology offered by an infrastructure when it is legally necessary. While fulfilling this situation, it is extremely important to ensure legal conditions and security. As technology creats new possibilities, technology law is full of possibilities as well. We will continue to follow the developments on the new tech and update ourselves as in-house legals.


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