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Dr. Santhipharp Khamsa-ard (Kevin)

Chief People Officer, Ananda Development Public Company, Thailand


Describe Ananda Development Public Company.

The Real Estate Developer who cares and understands the urban community with high standards of products and services. Ananda’s employees are A-Tribe, young talents who innovate in the modern technology to drive both Real Estate and Digital Assets in the Start-up phase.  

How does your role in the company and the department you lead promotes the synchrony between different teams of Ananda? How relevant is that synchrony for the success of the company? 

Ananda respects Diversity of different parameters in the environment. We have a variety of approaches in each dimension and each segment of employees. We also care for people in our urban community. Finally, to create a calm and peaceful organization, for sure Inclusion is more important for my role. I do enjoy initiating new things to support the variety of audiences. 

In that sense, how does the HR team promote a High-Trust Workplace Culture?  How does the company benefit from it?  

“Walk the Talk” of management is the starting point to build up a high-Trust Workplace Culture. HR acts like the blood that can feed each organ and refresh them for a healthy organization. We must trust our employees before hoping the trust back.

What are the challenges of digitalization for the team that you lead? How is Ananda implementing new technologies such as AI in their corporate culture?

Generative AI and ChatGPT is our modern trend. When technology comes, HR should be aware and observe the readiness of our employees. Make them feel like fun and would like them to join in new technology. Leadership should be a role model and understand the value of AI.

From your experience, what are the main challenges of working with people from different backgrounds? How relevant is the work of the HR team in those situations?

Cultural Management in the short-term period is challenging for HR. We should start to know our people before onboarding (each one of them), then design the common communication/framework and communicate since day 1. Follow up and monitoring are the key to success to building up Organization Culture.   

Finally, what are the challenges for HR in Southeast Asia? Are transformations needed to improve different working environments?

We must brainstorm and leverage the knowledge and experience of HR members in the region. I have joined 2 events last year. It is a valuable time to exchange and gain more knowledge. 


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