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Duc Doba

Founder and CEO, Tokyo Techies & Tokyo Tech Lab


What inspired you to create Tokyo Techies?

The critical talent shortage of IT engineers in Japan propelled me to start Tokyo Techies in Japan and our sister company, Tokyo Tech Lab, in Vietnam. I wanted to help bridge the gap between high demand and low supply of tech talents in Japan.

Tokyo Techies was originally an IT training company before progressing into business consulting and product development for AI, cybersecurity, and cloud building. We’ve been venturing into a different market for our company with Klever Suite, our very first SaaS product.

What are the main goals of Tokyo Techies? How does your team promote these goals?

Japan lags behind digitization, requiring companies to act fast on their digital transformation journey. Our main goal is to address the DX challenges that Japanese companies face in two ways: one, providing one-stop IT consulting to resolve the lack of IT expertise in the enterprises and two, offering ready-to-use business software solutions, Klever Suite, that speeds up the digitization of business functions and improve productivity. In the long term, we’d like to foster strong product ownership, continuously innovate our products, and constantly bring forth new product ideas.

Which has been the biggest challenge in your career with Tokyo Techies?

As a one-stop IT consulting firm that aims to solve challenging business problems with high quality and speed, the biggest challenge in my career at Tokyo Techies is recruiting new team members who are skillful, fast learners, and, most importantly, fit well into our culture. Luckily, I am not doing it alone anymore – I have my core team members with me who share the same vision, mission, and values with me from very early on.

How do Tokyo Techies promote changes inside the companies they work for?

As a team, Tokyo Techies take pride in our flat organizational structure, with just two layers of management: the direct manager and the CEO. All members of the management team are approachable. Any team member can share their requests, suggestions, and concerns, anytime to improve our work environment. We’re genuinely committed to maintaining approachability and open communication as our work culture.

I believe change is driven by transparency, adaptability, and continuous evaluation. Actual change happens when everyone is well-informed, willing to alter the general course for improvement, and dedicated to self-assessment. In this spirit, the Tokyo Techies team constantly works closely with our clients, fostering open dialogue, embracing flexibility, and upholding transparency at every step of the journey to deliver our outcomes.

Thinking about law firms, how do you think they should go forward with digital transformations? How would you advise them in terms of cybersecurity or artificial intelligence?

We’ve had the great pleasure of working together with multiple law firms over the past. Putting that into perspective, I believe adopting productivity tools to optimize paperwork and streamline workflows would be a great way to further embrace digital transformation in the industry. Incorporating these tools will help reduce the loss in internal communications and improve client interactions. 

Aside from this, leveraging AI's current capabilities also has excellent advantages. AI can accelerate fundamental tasks such as template creation, verifying contract terms, and managing other legal documents, helping law firms save time and resources.


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