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Gagan Singh

Chief Executive Officer, WOWS Global


Describe WOWS Global

WOWS Global is a Digital Investment Bank strategically connecting startups and investors to enable primary, secondary and alternative financing in SEA. We do so primarily by leveraging our powerful digital solutions including an exclusive investor matching platform, equity management tools and virtual data room. Our mission is clear: bridging the gap between visionary startups and impactful investors.

Our Offerings:

WOWS Invest: Your gateway to successful fundraising. We specialize in matching startups with a curated network of investors, including angel investors, venture capitalists, institutional investors, family offices, and more.

WOWS Cap Table: Simplify equity management with our intuitive platform, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the intricate world of ownership structures.

WOWS ESOP: Attract and retain top-tier talent with our comprehensive Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) solutions.

WOWS Advisory: Elevate your financial strategy with WOWS Global's team of experts. Whether you need a fractional CFO or bespoke financial advisory services, we've got you covered.

WOWS Deal Room: Streamline due diligence processes with our virtual data rooms, facilitating seamless transactions and strategic decision-making.

What Sets Us Apart:

WOWS Global is more than a fintech company; we are the one-stop solution for every startup seeking success in their fundraising journey. Our comprehensive suite of tools and services ensures that every founder can navigate their financial landscape with confidence.

Our Focus:

Currently, we are making waves in Southeast Asia and India, empowering business founders and startup investors to realize their full potential.

Our Values:

At WOWS Global, we're not just about transactions; we're about solutions. We strive to address the challenges that every founder may encounter, fostering a community where growth is not just a goal but a shared journey.

Key Milestones:

Since our establishment in 2022, we have proudly facilitated investments totaling US$72M on behalf of our esteemed WOWS Investor Network. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust placed in us by the startups and investors we serve.

How are start-up companies positioned in the Southeast Asia region? What is their importance to the economy?

Start-up companies in the South East Asia region are currently positioned as significant drivers of economic growth and digital transformation. The rapid expansion of digital audiences, with 80 million new users coming online since March 2020, has created fertile ground for startups developing digital products and services across various industries.

The youth population, constituting more than half of South East Asia's inhabitants and characterized by being tech-savvy and entrepreneurial, plays a crucial role. These young individuals are inclined to utilize emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to address challenges and create innovative digital products. Their familiarity with global trends positions them at the forefront of technological advancements. 

Venture funding has soared to new heights in South East Asia, reaching a record US$11.5 billion in the first half of 2021. This influx of capital signifies the confidence investors have in the potential of start-ups in the region.

The importance of start-ups to the economy is underscored by their role in job creation and digital transformation. Governments across the region, recognizing the critical impact of startups on their economies, have implemented supportive initiatives such as Thailand 4.0, Indonesia’s 1000 startups, and Singapore’s Startup SG Founders. These programs aim to foster entrepreneurship, boost digital innovation, and create job opportunities. The symbiotic relationship between governments and start-ups in SouthEast Asia is contributing to a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives, fostering economic growth and sustainability.

What are the benefits for investors in joining WOWS? How do you plan to expand the investors network?

The main benefit of joining as an investor at WOWS Global is to diversify your portfolio. The platform is completely free of charge, and investors can browse through vetted and growing startups as per their investment thesis. We plan to grow as a credible one-stop platform with a pool of potential companies from all industries/sectors for investors to choose from.

How does the WOWS ESOP Program work? How does it benefit the employers and employees inside the company?

The WOWS ESOP Program is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the implementation and management of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) within a company. ESOPs are a form of employee benefit plan that allows workers to become partial owners of the company they work for, fostering a sense of ownership and alignment of interests between employees and the company.

Key features of the WOWS ESOP Program include:

 Efficient Management of Employee Share Pool: The platform facilitates the organization and management of the employee share pool, ensuring accurate and transparent tracking of individual employee ownership stakes.

● Vesting Schedule Tracking: WOWS ESOP enables employers to easily track and manage vesting schedules. This is crucial for determining when employees gain full ownership of their allocated shares over time.

Buyback and Liquidity Arrangements: The program simplifies the process of arranging buybacks, providing a mechanism for employees to sell their shares back to the company. This can be beneficial for both employers and employees seeking liquidity.

Customized Employee Dashboards: The platform offers personalized dashboards for employees, providing them with a clear and accessible overview of their ESOP holdings, vesting progress, and other relevant information.

Benefits for Employers:

 Employee Incentives: Employers can use the ESOP program to incentivize and motivate employees by offering them a tangible stake in the company's success.

Customized ESOP Plans: The platform allows for the creation of tailored ESOP plans, aligning the program with the specific goals and structure of the company.

Streamlined Administration: The digital nature of the platform simplifies the administration of ESOPs, reducing the complexity and time involved in managing these programs.

Benefits for Employees:

 Liquidity Opportunities: Employees can benefit from the liquidity options provided by the platform, allowing them to sell their shares back to the company when needed.

 Transparent Tracking: The personalized dashboards offer employees a transparent view of their ownership stakes and vesting schedules, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the ESOP program.

Do you think that there is a lack of knowledge around start-ups and fintech in the South East Asia region? If so, what is WOWS role in reversing this situation?

Certainly, there appears to be a knowledge gap in the South East Asia region regarding startups and fintech. To address this, WOWS plays a crucial role in offering comprehensive support for startups throughout their journey. In addition to providing effective tools for navigating the fundraising process, WOWS actively engages in startup events. Through direct involvement, we aim to guide and support startups, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and assistance to achieve optimal outcomes in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

What are the main challenges that venture capital is currently facing?

The current market downturn and high inflationary environment has put past startup valuations at risk while making capital allocation difficult. 

Economic uncertainty, risk evaluation based on technology, market, and team, choosing the best based on attention to details, always planning a timely exit opportunity, and legal aspects.

What would be WOWS advice for those entrepreneurs that are afraid of starting a business under current circumstances?

Conduct market research, familiarize yourself with competitors, establish organizational structures, deliver exceptional customer support, and maintain unwavering focus and consistency in pursuing your goals.


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