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Khalid Al-Qaqa

CEO, EEE Group, United Arab Emirates


A leading Multidimensional Business Entity dedicated to sustainable construction and innovation in building technologies. Founded in 2005, our firm has swiftly grown to establish direct operations in 13 countries across 3 continents, with our products reaching 34 countries worldwide. Leading a team of over 500 passionate individuals, we are committed to revolutionizing the construction industry through cutting-edge solutions and environmentally conscious practices.

From your personal experience, what have been the biggest challenges in leading a constantly growing company  present in different countries and continents? 

COVID-19 pandemic was our biggest challenge due to its uncertainty and risk. However, in response to this unforeseen circumstance, we promptly adapted by optimizing and restructuring our business Practices. Recognizing the potential of construction recycling materials, we strategically invested in this sector. Furthermore, we took the step of Bringing manufacturing in House to our factory in the UAE.

Throughout this period, our optimism was steadfast, having the belief that every crisis brings new opportunities afterwards. 

Could you tell us about your partnerships with different companies around the world? How does this help to expand your business presence? 

Since the beginning, we have recognized the value of partnerships with diverse global entities. These collaborations not only bring in valuable expertise but also broaden our perspectives and offer opportunities for market expansion. We have gained partnerships with companies in Germany, the UK, North Africa, and across Africa. This has facilitated the growth of our business, enabling us to enter new markets and reach potential clients and projects.

With these partnerships, we are eager to continue exploring new opportunities for innovation and sustainable growth globally. 

Which has been the most innovative development that EEE Group has been involved in? How relevant are new technologies (such as AI and automatization) in this field? 

Throughout our journey, we have noticed a demand for sustainable solutions in response to the environmental challenges that our world faces daily. We decided to become part of the solution. Collaborating with professors from leading universities in Germany, we focused on a mission to pioneer the world's most sustainable construction methods. Our approach involves utilizing recycled materials, which are typically discarded, to replace traditional ways of using concrete and steel on construction sites.

From initial research and development to concept creation and establishing full-scale production lines, we have been working and involved in every step of the process. Moreover, we have actively engaged with stakeholders and projects to promote the adoption of this unique technology.

How important is sustainability in projects for the EEE Group? Could you describe some examples of sustainable practices? 

Recognizing the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing the carbon footprint of projects, we found out that almost 10 percent of the CO2 emissions in the world are basically generated by concrete and cement products. Through the implementation of our Unidome system, we enable projects to reduce their CO2 emissions by approximately 20 percent.

Furthermore, we are always enhancing our internal processes by looking for alternative energy resources in our buildings, factories, and fleet of vehicles. Transitioning to electric vehicle solutions is just one part of our commitment to sustainability practices. We are also fostering a culture of resource among our employees, encouraging mindful consumption of electricity and paper while encouraging the use of recycled materials, even bringing recycled furniture into our office spaces. Our aim is to cultivate a sustainable ethical behaviour within our workforce and extend this to our customers, ensuring that sustainability remains at the beginning of our organizational culture.

Finally, how would you describe the impact that your projects have on the development of the nations that you are currently based? 

As part of our CSR, we actively engage with the local communities where we operate. Our approach involves creating new opportunities for individuals from these communities. Also focusing on developing them by providing training, education, and skill enhancement programs, that is to increase their knowledge and capabilities.

Additionally, we are committed to implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies that contribute to the well-being of the environments surrounding us. We participate in community activities, generate employment opportunities, and focus on the continuous advancement of local communities.

To further support local development, we collaborate with universities worldwide to provide educational lectures and resources to community members. Moreover, we partner with local engineering associations to facilitate training programs for aspiring engineers, equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in the industry. We believe in creating sustainable opportunities that will benefit local communities for the long-term.


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