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Nelson Reis

Member of Council and Partner, OCTEA


Describe OCTEA


OCTEA is our new Brand, after the merge between two leaders in their segment: VIA\W and 4MAPIT, but  we did not change only  the brand,  but also our Value Proposition , OCTEA is principal Efficiency HUB in Latin America for the corporate segment.

Considering that OCTEA originated from the merger of two companies, what are the challenges of being the company’s CEO after going through this process?

We had 3 main challenges to put the M&A on going: 

  1. Corporate Culture:

The principal challenges were to create a new and unique company culture, because the two companies had a different culture, and we work hard to maintain the best of both cultures.


  1. Retain the Key People:

We worked with the leaders to retain the best people of two group after the merger  

  1. Launch a new OCTEA Service Portfolio: 

Besides that, we launched a new services “SAAS” portfolio: “Saving as a Service” like an Efficiency HUB 

How does OCTEA help their clients save money?

Like an Efficiency HUB we provide a full service in Strategical Sourcing with focused on Telecom and IT contract (the best solutions, cost reduction and contracts management), audit contract, TEM (Telecom Expense Management), Software Asset Management , Public Service Management (almost all Brazilian tax) , Energy and Water Service Management , Cloud Expense Management , SLA´s Controls , forecast , process and workflow about payment.

For these services, we have a strong benchmarking (more complete benchmarking of Latin America) and a  very specialize group of engineering, analysts and developers that provide a  Verus System,  a proprietary software development by our group, that allow us, to do for each customer,  a special customization service  to reach 35 to 60% cost reduction and best solution with a complete management services. 

Do you think that fast technological improvements favor a company like OCTEA? In that sense, what are the technological developments that could have the greatest impact on the way you work?

Yes, the Verus System uses many resources like AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) , ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural  Language Process), our development group can provide fast customization for each customer needs. 

Thinking about your position in the Brazilian economy, how do companies like yours contribute to the country's development? Also, what changes in the country's policies do you think are necessary for both OCTEA's and other similar companies’ development?

There are many companies, in different segment who work with contributed to improve efficiency to B2B market, energy, water and logistic infrastructure are some examples.

The main issue that the country's policies need to improve is created the environment more competitive and fairer in IT and Telecom, because nowadays there are few players and some cases a monopoly in Telecom and Energy. The prices are still high if you compare with other countries, even in Latin America.

From a global perspective, how does the economic uncertainty affect your company and others involved in Information Technology?

How we provide an efficiency solution we in many cases OCTEA are the best partner to provide a cost reduction and management their services to avoid a wrong way to use in economic uncertainty, very common in Brazil.

We provide monthly reports with recommendation to improve their efficiency use IT/Telecom services. These reports were provided by Verus System together with our specializing group. But not only the recommendation, but we help to put in place the best solution for our customers. 

Finally, with a future perspective, how do you project the company's growth in the short and long term? And in a regional sense, do you think it is possible to expand the company to the rest of Latin America?

OCTEA will growth in 2023 around 53%, and we have planning to have a sustained organic grow in the next 5 years. Besides that, we created an M&A ecosystem to acquire new complementary companies in our Efficiency HUB.


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