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Patricia Field

General Manager, Novo Nordisk, Colombia


Describe Novo Nordisk in 50 words. 

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company, headquartered in Denmark. Our key contribution is to discover and develop innovative biological medicines for chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Rare Diseases, and other endocrine conditions such as Growth Hormone Deficiency and make them accessible to patients throughout the world. 

How is Novo Nordisk working with governments, especially in Colombia, to improve healthcare treatments in societies? Which do you think should be the role of these companies? 

We understand our role as a driver of change in society. In this way, we work from different approaches: 

• First, seeking to streamline processes together with the government and the regulatory agency to continue bringing a product portfolio with the highest level of quality and innovation in the country. 

• In addition, we have approaches with actors in the local healthcare system to provide scientific training, as well as comprehensive treatment models that have profound benefits in the population living with chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. 

• Also, we implement global programs locally such as Cities Changing Diabetes. In which, Bogota and Barranquilla (two main cities in Colombia)

are part of this and whose governments signed their participation to it. With them, we explore the size of the problem that diabetes represents, and we articulate efforts between different allies to seek to change the prevalence curve and address some of the multiple factors. 

• We have projects such as a global partnership with UNICEF, which seeks to reduce the child population living with overweight and obesity in the country. 

• And since we know that innovation must be affordable to as many people as possible, we implemented affordability programs to serve vulnerable populations, as in the case of Cucuta (a Colombian city in the border with Venezuela), in which we have already served more than 3,000 people, 350 healthcare professionals trained, and we have worked with more than 17 local organizations. 

It is essential for Novo Nordisk to have a deep positive effect in the places where we operate. Our long-standing aspiration of creating value for society and for our future business is more relevant than ever. Finally, I am proud to point out that on 2024 we are launching another flagship program called Changing Diabetes in Children. 

In which way do you think that pharmaceutical companies should be innovating regarding new technologies and automation? 

At Novo Nordisk, innovation is always patient-oriented. Every advance we make seeks to promote change in people living with the chronic conditions we treat, with the ultimate goal of improving their lives and achieving a cure for these conditions in the future. Technology is a key ally in this objective, and we use the tools it provides to further our purpose. 

In order to embrace the needs of collaborating and driving business transformation, it is important that we constantly evolve around the healthcare systems, work together with the medical community and other stakeholders around the importance of not just bringing innovation but also doing so in a sustainable way. 

What would you say are the biggest challenges of being the leader of such a big company with 100 years of history? 

As a leader in life-saving treatments, we have a tremendous responsibility to positively impact the communities in which we operate. We are much more than the products we develop. In this 1st century of history, the growth of our organization has allowed us a greater corporate positioning than ever before. In Colombia, we are committed to promoting our company as a reliable ally, offering the best treatments, working together with our key stakeholders to prevent people from getting sick in the first place, and serve more patients with high-quality medicines while continuing to grow sustainably. 

When greatness is your legacy, the biggest challenge lies in maintaining this level of greatness in the future. While it is nice to be recognized, the real challenge lies in having the responsibility to continue delivering innovation and, why not, cures to those living with chronic conditions. It is crucial to anticipate and step forward, and we are proud to mention that we are now including future predictors and setters on our staff. 

How do you feel after being recognized as one of the “CEOs Change Makers Colombia”? What is your opinion on the role that women are taking in leadership positions in Colombia? 

This recognition is a testament to my team's efforts and the affiliate's conviction to embrace challenges with an open and innovative mindset. At Novo Nordisk Colombia, I am fortunate to lead a group of enthusiastic change makers who walk the talk and make a difference. I believe that my role as a servant leader has contributed enormously to our vibrant and enthusiastic work environment. 

As a leader, I am convinced that we need to release others' energy and intelligence. I use my position to empower and serve others, and I see myself more as a colleague who can lead the team to channel their objectives. It feels great to see that following my style has led to this level of recognition.

Regarding the gender gap issue, while I would have preferred to be in the top position, I am pleased to see more women making it onto the rankings in recent years. We need to celebrate the progress we are making and remain confident that we will eventually reach the podium. 

My invitation is not to focus on the man/woman gap but to move beyond the paradigm and embrace authenticity as our gold. We need to step up and let it shine. Seeking perfection will not take us women to the top charts, but I am convinced that our authenticity is a more certain way to do so. 

At Novo Nordisk Colombia, authenticity is a key cornerstone of our diversity and inclusion policies. 

Finally, how would you describe the growth of Novo Nordisk in 2023? What are the projections for 2024? 

2023 was a challenging year that allowed Novo Nordisk Colombia to consolidate as a top affiliate within our geographical regions. We achieved double-digit growth, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team. Last year was particularly rich in challenges, which were great opportunities to learn. We learned to manage continuous changes and live with uncertainty, which was fundamental. 

We maintained positivity above all and consistently tackled challenges that were presented. Looking ahead to 2024, we must understand that the world no longer changes every 10 years as before. We must be much more agile to adapt while maintaining a focus on high-quality operations and financial performance. 

Our people remain our top priority. We will continue to focus on keeping our talent motivated to guarantee that we remain the best place to work, strengthening their experience within Novo Nordisk. Our goal is to continue growing as an organization in the long-term, ensuring a diverse and truly inclusive culture.


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